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Cranberry Township has three Pickleball courts located in the Municipal Building, in addition to the outdoor courts in Graham Park. 
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Fast Track Clinics
  • Fast-Track Beginners Pickleball Clinic

Thanks for the positive feedback!

We attended the PB-2 Advanced Beginners clinic. The CTPA instructors first watched how we played and then began to give us very specific techniques and instruction on how to better our game.  By the end of the two hours I was serving more consistently, learned "the dink" game, placement on the court and so much more.  My husband received some one on one to work on specifics to better his game techniques.  Both of us left the clinic feeling we learned so much.  For others who are either just learning the game, or like us want to better their game, we highly recommend attending these clinics.  - Valarie & Jeff Diamond

Why take Pickleball lessons with CTPA?

We are here to help you every step of the way, if you need it.  
  • All CTPA PB-1 lead instructors are rated 3.5 or higher and most “medaled” in tournaments. Our other advanced courses are led by instructors with up to 4.5 rating! (5.0 is professional). You will learn the game the “correct way”.
  • Our classes have a very low student to instructor ratio. Four students with 1 instructor; and most classes will have 3 students and 1 instructor.
  • We are the only organization offering beginner classes that “gives” you a paddle and ball, so you may begin to play and practice at home. This gives you time to decide on what paddle, to buy which is a costly investment. It gives you the time to make the right choice. Our classes also offer a $25 off certificate to join CTPA. Once you join we match you up with other beginners equal to your level rather than intermix you with players of all different skill levels. We keep your play fun and away from the more serious and aggressive players. (One PB association lost 40% of their new members because after they learned the game, they had to play with players of a much higher level and did not like having balls hit at them).
  • We not only have beginners pickleball, but offer Fast Track clinics, PB-2, PB-3 and soon PB-4.  We can take you to whatever level you want to go.
  • We provide detailed agendas for all our classes, and you can view them online. These classes were developed by The Villages, in Florida, where they've trained thousands of people. Our CTPA instructors are trained using the same techniques as those used at The Villages. 
  • We offer private and semi-private lessons.