Spring 2019 GOLF Rates

All golf rates include a shared riding cart.  All cart rates include Pennsylvania sales tax. For more information & tee times, please contact
Book your tee time online or if you prefer to speak with a golf associate, please call 724-776-7372.

Reminder: Customer Loyalty points expire October 31 and rain checks expire on or before December 31, depending on the weather


FYI - Full Season Rates (effective May 7, 2018)

Play more green. Spend less green

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Customer Loyalty Rewards Program!

*Cranberry Resident Verification

Your permanent residence must be a Cranberry Township address in order to receive the resident discount rate. This rule is for all programs and facilities of the Township that have resident and non-resident fees.
Acceptable Proofs of Cranberry Township Residency
  • Current PA Driver’s License or DMV printout
  • Voter Registration card
  • License to Carry card
  • Car Registration and/or Insurance card
  • Any photo ID with a valid Township address
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